Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Remember the Why of the birth of Jesus

From our home to yours
Merry Christmas

What is Christmas all about anyway? ...Read about Jesus' birth and let's all remember why his only purpose here was so that we may all be saved by his blood. God gave us his only child, could WE do the same for people that we disapprove of or the thieves, cheats and simply put, the bad people of the world? It's something we REALLY need to think on. I am soo thankful someone loved me or even thought of me that much!
May we all be richly blessed with
health, love for one another, patience, forgiveness, prosperity and happiness.

Merry Christmas

Betty & Family

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Duck Season

It looks like I finely am in the habit and mood of painting again, Thank goodness! Don't you hate it when you get into those lulls or ruts!

This is an 24"x18" acrylic painting I finished this afternoon.
This is a commissioned painting and I am really pleased with it along with the new owner.