Thursday, September 25, 2008

Home Appeal Services LLC., Athens, AL

Noth'n like networking :) ....

A plug for my daughter: Laura L. B., ASP,IAHSP. President and Founder of Home Appeal Services, resides in N. Alabama energetic with fresh staging ideas and a great love for home decor and what it can do for the home and seller.
Laura is an Accredited Staging Professional™ (ASP), and member of the International Association of Home Staging Professionals (IAHSP). With years of experience in the industry of home construction and decor, her expertise will be of benefit to you. Based on the specific needs of each client, Laura can partner with Realtors, and Subcontractors to help achieve the client's desired results.
Home Appeal Services, LLC. of N. AL

Monday, September 22, 2008

Browsing Other Blogs

I have run on to some really interesting Blogs for artists.
But, one that captured my heart is the "Art Helping Animals" blog (
We have always loved animals, I'm very partial to mini Schnauzers.
I've had two in my lifetime and both were the smartest and easiest to train dogs of all we've ever had. They are like little people.
But back to reason I'm posting this...

In (West) Athens, AL
Just a few days ago, our neighbors dog came up missing
and the whole neighborhood has been looking for her. We
call her our little neighborhood (a neighborhood of only 7 houses)
dog, we all love her.

She looks like a mix of boxer and pit, light brown and white hair
with the most loving and sweet natured personality.
She just had puppies 2 weeks ago and now the 8 little pups
have no mother to nurse from. The owners of the dog
are just sick and broken hearted, a young couple with
twin baby girls a couple months old have taken turns
scouring the countryside for their beloved dog, and feeding,
cleaning and caring for the pups between taking care of their
twin babies.
I guess I wrote about this in hopes someone
may read it and just happen to be from this area or close
that may see a young dog that looks like her and is a strang dog in
your area. Please contact us.
We would like to reunite this little dog with her family and
neighborhood family.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

My latest painting

I saw a TV artist teaching this beautiful scene so, when the show was over I couldn't resist trying it myself.
I did change it some to make it my own.

We live in a beautiful county with lots of water, hills and country landscape.
I have to get out and get some pictures taken before the weather turns cold.
I plan on taking lots of pictures for reference to use when it's too cold to visit the countryside and will share these for your painting reference also.
Maybe a "paint-in" would be fun for us. Your paintings can be posted to. Sounds like fun to me.