Sunday, March 29, 2009

Is It Artists Block or Lack of Umph?

Does anyone get these blocks where you want to paint but just can't figure out what ya want to paint or how you want to put it together? I have been having that problem for sooo long! I look at some of the photos I have taken of the river, flowers, scenery, etc. and just can't seem to come up with anything or put anything together.

The other day I was looking at a furniture sales flyer I got in the mail from a local store and saw some paintings with high dollar tags on them and got to wondering... these are just simple landscapes with trees, grass and such with nothing specific in them, could this be what people are looking for in a painting just to have something on their walls? The more I thought about it, I thought maybe it is a good idea... I guess. Then furniture could be changed, colors could be changed and the paintings like this are so neutral that they would go with most designs. And with the economy the way it is, this could be a good thing or is anyone still spending $ ?

I haven't done any art and craft shows since we've been here, just about 2 yrs now and haven't painted up that much but have lots of old stuff that has been scratched up in the move. I need to freshen them up with some new paint and do a show, but don't have enough canvases painted to take and there are so many artists here I think it would very hard for me to compete but maybe if I stick to the kind of paintings in that flyer and nothing over a hundred bucks since the other artist high priced I might be able to sell some stuff and get some potential clients.

Last year I went to some art & craft shows and there was sooo many girls doing one stroke that a lot of the booths were looking the same although they were all beautiful and the surfaces were varied, I decided that I will have to repaint some of my old stuff. But, its all still sitting out in the garage.

Maybe... if I could find someone with same interest here in our little town to share a booth with or paint with, that would make it all fun again.