Sunday, November 29, 2009

In The Valley

A commissioned painting. I was asked for a painting that had a western flair with a cabin, horses and maybe a wagon. As it turns out, the wagon is taken from a reference pic I had on hand of my husbands family wagon on a farm in N. Dakota where he is from and the cabin is from a pic my granddaughter brought back from Cades Cove, N. Carolina of her great (or great, great) grandfathers historic cabin Mr. John Oliver, one of the first settlers.

Sometime during the last 3 days before I send a painting on its way, I will put it on the www either privately or public, depends. So I can view it in another perspective, only then do I decide if a painting is done after the clients approval of course.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Three Friends

Fall is here, and now almost winter. How time slips by!

This painting gave me a few ideas for a name. I started out with the name of 'Autumn Blessings', then because of the three trees in front I decided to name it.. 'Three Friends' which reminds me of us three gals (Dottie, Sonnie and me) that worked together at a nearby doctors office (and one of the nicest doctors, with a big heart and compassion for each of his patients) and became the best of friends, we always said when we got too old to take care of ourselves we three would terrorize a nursing home racing our wheelchairs and laughing at each other untill we were weak (grin). If we three were together, we were having a good time! Over the years we still try to stay in touch, although many miles apart.