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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mosaic with Ceramic Tiles on a Round Patio Table

My first try at a ceramic tiles mosaic patio table (or anything mosaic) and I'm pretty happy with it so far.
The table is  4 foot across and round.

I used all neutral colors so a few years down the line the table won't be out of date or style. It can be beautiful and colorful with a centerpiece of flowers
All pictures are at bottom so you can print instructions but don't want to print photos.

Tomorrow I will be putting on the grout then wait for that to dry, then the Grout Tile Sealer so it will be safe outdoors in summer heat, rain and winter freezes.
For anyone interested in making a mosaic table for themselves, I will give instructions as best I can below.

I found an old round patio table frame and my son-n-law cut 1 inch wood board and concrete board (forgot the proper name).

1.   You Need: Ceramic tiles, Thin-Set, Sanded Grout, Tamper or hammer, old bucket for rinsing your hands, old spatula or wide plastic palette knife for spreading the glue stuff, rubber gloves, Grout Sponge and Grout Float.

2.   Tamper (that you tamp dirt down with around a fence post, Pic to come), you can use a hammer but it breaks the tile to small and it takes forever to put together.  Hit the tile softly till you get the hang of it so they don't get too small. If you break one tile at a time it makes it easier to put pieces together on the table but, leave small space between pieces for grouting later.

Then once you have the table covered with your mosaic...
3.   Get ready mixed Thin-Set or Tile Adhesive or something your home improvement store recommends for an outdoor table using ceramic tiles. Spread it like cake frosting or butter on the back of each piece of mosaic (broken tiles) then push it down into place making sure they are flat, do this until each tile piece is done.  Let it set to cure as directed on the label. If you're using small tiles around the outside the procedure is the same = place them on the glue stuff, press to seal and let cure. When set scrape off any glue stuff from the tops of the mosaic, use a yard blower to blow off all the dust and pieces of Thin-Set before the next step.

4.   Using sanded grout of your color choice mix with water to consistency of peanut butter.  Use a Grout Float to spread into and over all the broken tiles, make sure it gets into all the cracks and smooth down on the sides so there is no drop off on the edge (do this in parts so you get it all, then into the tiles on the side)
Note: Some sealers can be added to the water mixed with grout now instead of sealing later.

5.   When the grout is dry on top of the tiles or powdery in about 5 to 10 minutes depending on humidity where you are, wipe with damp sponge and make sure it's only damp (I've been told any water in the grout and it will get soft and may not set right), we want a good hard grout when cured. This is the point where you and run your finger (wearing a glove so you don't get cuts) between the tiles or leave flat/even with tiles which is what I prefer so no water sits in the grout and causes mold and discoloration.

6.   I highly recommend using a sealer for outdoor use to protect it from the elements and grout splitting/cracking, mold, etc.  Read the ratings on the Tile and grout sealers to make sure you get what you want and won't be disappointed by your hard work going to ruin.

Pictures of what I personally used


 thinset or tile adhesive, holding it all in place.                                                                      

this is what I used.

sanded grout
this is what the grout looks like when mixed.... (the color I used- 'Haystack') the picture on the right shows what a grout float looks like ( I never saw one before).

Almost done :)   cured and finished outdoor table.  I used a spray on Sealer in 2 applications. I want a little more shine on it so I will find some kind low sheen to  to bring out the color and give it that finished look plus the tiles are neutral beige and green and it will help bring them out.

If you have any questions I can help with, let me know. Good luck and post your pic's.  And if you have some tips and how to's your welcome to post :)

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Phone Tray

 Phone Tray by Traysoft

Zap telemarketers and block unwanted calls
Stop annoying robocalls
Reject anonymous and out-of-area calls
Automatically block thousands of spammers in our database

PhoneTray Pro works with:
 Regular analog phone line
 Digital phone like Comcast XFINITY, AT&T U-verse or Verizon FiOS
 Internet VoIP phone service like Vonage or MagickJack
I personally used Phone Tray since the first software program began somewhere in the early 90's I think, and loved it.  That was when pc's were only on phone lines, lol. Then when I went to DSL and now cable I have looked once in a while to see if they updated with hope. Then after moving a couple times I totally forgot about it. And today just looked it up again and I'm so excited to find out they are on top of things with new software and the ratings are good.... I have to have it!!! 
the link if you want to read about it and check it out......

After downloading and using the New PhoneTray Pro into the 9th day of the 15 day trial,  I just wanted to say it works fine with my wireless printer-fax, MagicJack and cable. It's an incredible program and fun to use. I've already zapped a Telemarketer and a it automatically told a blocked phone number to how to unblock their # and retry the call.  Love it, love it, love it!!!