Thursday, September 10, 2009

Continued from Sept. 8th.
Well it worked, buy starting on this it put me in the mood to get more paintings done. Now I'm ready to start another one and have one in mind but all I will say for now is it will be a still life.
This one will be for sale.
24"X18" canvas sheet.
medium: acrylic

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

I haven't decided on a name yet ...

I thought I had better pick up the brush again before I get into another long lull of non-painting.
Why do I do that? I do love, love, love to paint.

So I decided to paint landscape, without plan, or thought and see what happens.
Don't have enough done yet to take a photo of to show here, but will try to do more tomorrow and hopefully post it here soon.

I hate that I missed the application deadline for the 'Art on The Square' here in Athens. I knew it was coming up but didn't know what month.
Maybe next year I will find out about it sooner (before the deadline).
I'm really looking forward to browsing and looking at all the lovely paintings and hopefully meeting some of the artists.