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I found these really nifty things on the net and had to share!It is so much fun when I run up on something that is unique and usable.

Backyard Firepit! Love these!

Paper Crafts - Make a beautiful Wreath!

Love her designs! Jenna's Blog
Watch her make a paper cone ball for a beautiful decor on you tube and a beautiful wall wreath!


Plastic Bottle Flowers, Egg Shell Pendant & Nail Art
How To's - What a combo! But Fun and more fun, 
see below

~   Nail Art  ~

Gardening with the Verticle Stick

Herbs, Veggies, Flowers, Fruits -- AMAZING in small space
The Garden Stick!

Make your own Garden Hypertufa Planters - Pots

Hypertufa Garden Pots not as hard as I thought it would be. And they can have designs on them and/or color to make them unique!

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