Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Arts Crafts Recipes

Stuff I need to save till I have the time

Backyard Firepit! Love these!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Trimming Down

I've been thinking about shutting down my website and just sticking with my Blog and store at Fine Art America.   It will simplify everything and I can concentrate on painting. 
I will be putting my store of digital downloads (painting packets) here on Blogger tho. There will be some updating and house cleaning to do here too. 

I just found out the site that I buy all my website editing and other site software from also hosts webspace for their members so I'm gonna give it try.  Since (because of cost as hosting sites are almost tripled now) I was going to shut down my site entirely and just use my blog and Fine Art America I don't have anything to lose.  The link is at the top 'My Website'. Hopefully all will turn out to be fine.  

May you always have laughter and rainbows full of color!