Friday, July 30, 2010

I painted this one a few days ago. I still have a few touch ups to do.

My paintings are for sale From Betty's Palette come by and check out the Catagories. This one will be posted there soon.
Sunlight and shorter days
Here it is July 30th. and the days are already getting shorter.
It's a little after 5:a.m and its still dark. I dread the short cold days of winter. I do like everything else about fall & winter like the changing of the leaves, the deer that come out to play, the interesting shapes of a stark tree, well most everything but the cold. Because I get cold easy :-| I have to wear layers of clothes and being bundled up is so confining.
I do get more painting done in the winter tho.

I have been playing with some ideas I have had and will sketch some of them out today and see what happens. I am pushing towards a still life.